Sted "Grizzly" Wilkins


Sted “Grizzly” Wilkins
   Agi d8, Str d12, Vit d10, Ale d6, Int d4, Wil d6, LP 16, Init d12+d6
   Traits: Athlete (Dodge) Minor, Branded Major, Chip on the Shoulder Minor, Crude Minor, Fightin’ Type Major, Intimidatin’ Manner Minor, Lightnin’ Reflexes Major, Mean Left Hook Minor, Military Rank (Enlisted) Minor, Overconfident Minor, Steady Calm Major, Trustworthy Gut Minor
   Skills: Athletics d6/Dodge d12, Covert d6, Discipline d6/Intimidation d10/Leadership d8, Guns d6/Assault Rifles d10/Machine Guns d12/Pistols d10/Sniper Rifles d8, Melee Weapon Combat d6, Perception d6, Pilot d6/Small Spacecraft d8, Survival d6, Thrown Weapons d6/Grenades d8, Unarmed Combat d6/Brawling d12
   d12 – Machine Gun, Grizzly – d2W[V] (Equipped) (Rng: 300’)
   d10 – Pistol – d6W (Rng: 100’)
   d10 – Rifle, Assault – d8W (Rng: 150’)
   d6 – Rifle, Sniper – d8W (Rng: 1000’)
   d0 – Grenade, Fragmentation – 5d6W (Rng: 100’ (15’))
   d6 – Knife, Combat – d4W
   d12 – Unarmed Strike – d0B
   4W – Squad Helmet (Equipped)
   5W – Tactical Suit (Equipped)


Where were you born (on a ranch, in a big city, orphaned by the docks)? on a ranch in alliance loved space

What made you leave (upbringing, education, events leading to departure)? i had violent urges and used the war to sedate them. after the war things got quiet so i left the alliance and used my earnings to start as a merc.

How do you connect to the other players that makes you stick with them (in the war together, met on a job, grew up on the streets together)? i got hired for a job. same as jared’s character and nathan was the target we both reached him at the same time and he offered us a deal that was worth joining forces

What major strengths do you have? tough and deadly

What major weaknesses? trigger happy

What is your very favorite gun? Grizzly GRZ 3

Sted "Grizzly" Wilkins

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