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This game surrounds the exploits of the crew of The Redemption, a Starlifter class vessel that saw service during the Unification War as a covert spy vessel. It is equipped with a large amount of scientific equipment that the crew is still figuring out how to use.

Dramatis Personae

Crew (Players)

Supporting Cast (NPC)

The ’Verse

Getting around

Travel is via a fusion of the Serenity RPG stats and the Firefly Board Game movement rules. I use this custom map to track the ship’s travel and this Revised Travel System to modify the Serenity RPG rules as needed to move around the map.


The New Browncoats

The Union of Allied Worlds or The Alliance


Mr Universe

Location Information

Core Worlds

Border Planets

Rim Planets

Other Information

Character Creation

Character Creation

HTML and Textile

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Main Page

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